Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017!!!


Ahem. Sorry. I’m having a bit of a hard time articulating much else right now, due to the eminence of Star Wars Celebration Orlando. Which starts in less than two hours!!!!!

Sadly, I am not going. 😦

HOWEVER……(there’s always a however)…..

There’s this wonderful little invention called “livestreaming”, which I positively LOVE right now!! Because it means that I can watch the Celebration events right here from my computer!!! YAY! 😀

Of course, it’s not anywhere near actually going myself. But still, it’s close enough for right now. And watch out, Star Wars Celebration, cause I’ll be heading your way one of these days! (When I get a job, and my own car, that is….)

You can watch the livestream, too, right here:

Anyway, that little monologue up there was intended to be an entry-way into what I am now going to say:

You can count on The Elven Padawan to have all the news from Celebration, as close to as-it-happens as is really possible for a teen girl who still has a (very boring and school-filled) life.

As soon as any trailers or big announcement hit, I will do everything within my power to cover them here. So keep your eyes open, awesome news and plenty of fangirling is sure to wait just ahead!!!

(Oh yeah, and I’ll also be talking about this on the next episode of The Elven Padawan podcast, which should be out very soon! [Sorry for the wait, everyone!] Annnnd….we might just have something special in from my very own Fulcrum agent concerning Celebration! Stay tuned!)


Yesterday was INCREDIBLE! Particularly the 40th Anniversary Panel, with surprise appearances from Harrison Ford and George Lucas himself!!!! There were also some tasty little hints dropped at the Animated Origins panel (which I unfortunatly missed most of, due to that nassssty, tricksssy schoolwork that needed to be done.)

I am so excited for today’s assortment of panels and announcements!! Particularly the “The Last Jedi” panel, which is guaranteed to be awesome!

You can watch the livestream for today here, on the main page:

Keep checking in here for all my reactions to the latest Star Wars news from Orlando!! 😀

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23 thoughts on “Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017!!!

  1. The “40 Years of Star Wars” panel is about to start now!!! The livestream hasn’t started yet, so I’m sitting here waiting for the broadcast to begin here on YouTube. I can’t wait! XD


  2. Honestly, makes me so happy that people cheered for Hayden and Ian as long as they did!! Because I guess I’m one of those few fans who really loves Anakin, and the prequels in general.


  3. That was incredible. Completely incredible.
    And to think, it’s just the beginning!!! There’s so much more to come in these next days, and I absolutely can not wait. 😀


  4. This was so awesome..all the other years I’ve been so bummed i can’t see or hear anything about it. But I got to see it on live stream this year!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know! In past years things were always going on, so I found out about everything several days after it happened. Last year I stayed fairly up-to-date with what was going on, but we had been really busy that weekend, so I didn’t get to watch any livestreams. This year I watched a lot of them, and it was so incredible!!! XD

      Liked by 1 person

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