Shay visits a comic store!! and Kanan: The Last Padawan review

(Apologies for the lame title of this post.)

Many of you have probably already noticed that I missed my post last week. The reason for this was that I had just arrived back in town from visiting family in NC. However, because of this trip I got to make my first ever visit to a comic book store!! 😀

I had gone shopping with my family to try to find a special ingredient needed for our supper. By the time we had tracked it down, we had made our way to Greenville, and I happened to know that there was a comic book store right down the road. I had been wanting to visit one and hunt out some good Star Wars comics and this chance looked as good as any, so I grabbed it.

Now you have to understand: I’m not a big comic book reader. But I had been hearing good things about some of the new SW series coming from Marvel, and since they were canon and seemed very interesting, I thought I’d try out a few as summer reading (and to hold me over until Star Wars: Rebels season 4 begins). I had received the digital version of the Han Solo series as the runner-up prize from a giveaway, and thoroughly enjoyed it, as well as the few issues of Shattered Empire I had found at my library. I had been wanting to check out Kanan: The Last Padawan pretty much since it first came out, but never really did, so I hoped that this store would possibly have the series, even though its run had ended a while back.

We pulled up in front of World’s Coolest Comics and Toys, a small brick store with a large inflatable BB-8 out front. My mom had already decided to sit this one out in the car, so my dad and 4-year-old baby sister accompanied me inside. As soon as I walked in, I was surrounded by comics, action figures of all kinds, and an assortment of several life-sized models including a Yoda sitting just inside the door. The shop seemed to be split into two sections: one side was devoted mainly to comics, while the other was full of collectibles, toys, and a TV that was currently playing an arc of Clone Wars featuring Jedi Master Plo Koon and young Padawan Ahsoka Tano.

A man working in the store asked if we needed anything, and my dad informed him that this was my first visit to a comic store. We told him I was most interested in the Star Wars comics, and he pointed us in the direction of the store that had these. My dad and baby sis wandered over to the other side of the shop, leaving me to explore around and decide which series I wanted to begin with. I flipped through a couple issues of Dr. Aphra and Marvel’s Star Wars, as well as a collection of the extremely-enticing Poe Dameron series, but I had already seen what I wanted. Sitting on a shelf of a display in the middle of the room was a collection of all 12 issues of The Last Padawan.

My recon completed, now began the retrieval mission.

I headed over to my dad to let him know I had found what I wanted, and found my sister totally absorbed in Clone Wars. She has recently begun to recognize certain characters from Rebels, and we had been watching season 2 on our drive down to our grandparents’ house, so seeing Ahsoka chasing bad guys, albeit younger and in a different style, was very alluring to her. Nothing could move her eyes from that TV, she was riveted on every detail. I find few things more adorable then a youngling first discovering the wonder of these stories, and this was a moment where that discovery was in motion.

I paid for my book, and we headed out of the store. On the way back to my grandparents’ house, my dad remarked on the extreme unbelievably of the costumes of female superhero characters, my sister informed my mom that what she had watched was “not starey at all” (translation: “not scary at all”), and I flipped through my book.

Over the next several days I read through the entire series of Kanan: The Last Padawan, and I loved it! I’m also another planning a trip to a near-by comic store to pick up a couple issues of the Poe Dameron series, check out the Screaming Citadel and Marvel’s Star Wars. Oh yeah, and I’m also eagerly awaiting the Cassian and K-2SO special!! 😀

* And thanks so much to that guy who was working at World’s Coolest Comics and Toys when I came in! He was very helpful, and I have never had a in-depth conversation about Rebels and whether or not Kanan and Ezra will have to die before ANH like that with a total stranger before! It was awesome! 😀

Content review for Kanan: The Last Padawan

As I said before, I totally loved this series! It was very interesting to find out how exactly Caleb Dume, a.k.a. Kanan Jarrus, survived Order 66 and the slaughter of the Jedi. Although we’ve heard a lot about this event throughout Star Wars: Rebels, such as the last words Caleb’s Jedi Master, Depa Billaba, said to him before she was shot down, how the clones recaptured him later on, and even his true name.

The first arc story alternates back and forth between a mission the Ghost crew takes on the planet Kaller during the time of season 1 of Rebels, and Caleb and Depa’s last mission together on Kaller and how he escaped and joined rogue smuggler Janus Kasmir. In the second arc, Kanan has been hurt and is in a batca tank while his crew anxiously awaits his return to consciousness, while in his memory he is remembering his apprenticeship and first mission with Depa Bilaba.

Throughout the entire series there is only a tiny bit of language (one d-word, though there are also several exclusively “Star Wars-universe” insults thrown around.)

Characters are wounded (the main one being Kanan, who is stabbed in the back), and several die (a Separatist sniper takes his own life in an explosion rather than be captured by Depa and the Republic, Depa is attacked by her troops during Order 66, and several clonetroopers are gunned down during different battles.) None of the deaths or injuries are graphic, the worst scene probably being when Kanan reaches around to where he was stabbed and his hand has blood on it when he pulls it back.

Since Depa and Caleb/Kanan end up in bacta tanks a few times, they are seen in the Star Wars equivalent of swimwear (my sister commented that “Kanan’s wearing Speedos” in several panels after he emerges from the tank during the part that takes place during season 1; yeah, it was weird.)

Thanks for reading this blog post from me today! Have you ever visited a comic book store, or read or want to read Kanan: The Last Padawan? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments!! 😀

This article was written by Shay S., Creator, Chief Editor, and Podcast Host for The Elven Padawan, and first appeared on

3 thoughts on “Shay visits a comic store!! and Kanan: The Last Padawan review

  1. Cool, I know you told us about it, but this is more in-depth. But the one mild profanity would make it impossible for me to read my parents are strict about things i watch or read.
    (Wierd question, but…) How can your sister be a baby if she’s 4 years old?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My parents are petty strict with what I read/watch as well, so if there’s anything bad in a book I have, we generally mark through it. Perhaps you could ask them if they could find that part and mark out the word first if you ever got a chance to get it? Just a thought. 🙂
      We still think of her as a baby, but the term “baby sister” there can also refer to the youngest sister. 😀


  2. Hmm… In the words of Harlow Doyle, *puh*-rivate eye, “Interesting. Verrrry interesting.” I’m not usually a comic book person either. When I was littler I liked the “Babymouse” graphic novels (all pink stories that my little sister now loves), but when I grew out of those, I kind of moved away from that type of thing. But this looks really cool… I want to read the Cassian and Kay-Tu one (sorry, I habitually spell out droids names, idk why) and the Rogue One comic, and now you’ve got me interested in this… My sister, who’s six, is a lot like yours it seems. We were at a friend’s house once and their older son was watching TCW. My sister (not gonna say her name) got totally enthralled in it. I’m pretty sure it was the Onderon arc, cause I remember my main thought after we left being “I don’t really like them together [Lux Bonteri and Ahsoka Tano]” I had seen some episodes of SWR at that point, and had decided that Ahsoka was my favorite character, and had also found some clips from TCW on YouTube. So yeah. I’m a huge Ahsoka fanatic, and my opinion is that she’s good single. (If I had to ship her with anybody, it would probably be Rex.) but anyway, I am going to find some if these comics next time I’m in town!

    Liked by 1 person

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