New Star Wars: Rebels trailer!!

Today at Fan Expo Canada, a new (and totally epic!!) trailer for the upcoming season 4 of Star Wars: Rebels was released.

Oh my goodness, the feels from this one!! I literally could not decide whether to laugh or cry…more Thrawn, Lothal, and mentions of Director Krennic and STARDUST!! And not to mention all the Kanera hints it gave!

Star Wars: Rebels season 4 will begin airing on Disney X D on October 16, starting with the episode “Heroes of Mandalore”.

(You can read more about the panel where this trailer first dropped here.)

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18 thoughts on “New Star Wars: Rebels trailer!!

  1. I FINALLY got on the website, and literally the first word I saw was “Kanera”.I have yet to watch the trailer. I can’t right now (I lost my ear buds) but I saw some stuff about it on a different site (;3) and I’m worried now. I’ve been super worried about what’s going to happen to Kanan (and by extension, how whatever happens to him will affect Hera) but now, “wrapping up Ezra’s story”?! Huh? What does “wrapping up” mean? And for another thing, remember that shot in the first S4 trailer? With Ezra and Sabine on the Loth-Wolf? What’s going on there? Sabine looks unconscious. ;-; so what I’m trying to say in this little rant is that I’m super hyped up for S4!

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    1. Hey, so glad you could finally check out my site!!
      I KNOW!!! and YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS!!! Knowing how you feel about Kanera, I’m pretty sure you’re gonna be flipping out over several spots in this trailer, even more so than the last one!! 😮
      I’m so hyped too!! And one of the worst parts is that I want to review the trailer and panel on my podcast, but I can’t find anyone who wants to/has the ability to come on who actually knows the show well!!
      Anyway, sorry for ranting at you…. 😉


  2. Ok, I watched it! Ok, ok ok Katie calm down now… THE KANERA!!!!! “I wish I could see you” “you can always see me”… *cue incoherent crying/screaming/unintelligible fangirl noises* and I love Sabine’s hair!!!!!! It’s her natural color with just the ends dyed!!! And I forget what Elias said the other creepy guy’s name is, the one from Old Canon, but man, Hera punched him out! And STARDUST!!!!!!!! Oh, and was that Bo-Katan saying the thing about loyalty? I haven’t seen any if the TCW episodes with her, so idk her voice. It sounded kinda like Hera, but with a different inflection. And the white Loth-cat is back!!!! And WAS THAT BO-KATAN AND SABINE GETTING SHOCKED RIGHT AFTER TARKIN MENTIONED KRENNIC AND STARDUST?!?!?!?!??! IS THAT WHY SHE’S UNCONSCIOUS IN THE FIRST TRAILER?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!!!! Ok, I’m done with that for now… Here’s what I’m hoping for in S4: hugs. Kanera hugs, lots of those. Just like… Everybody hugging everybody. I mean, cos they’re like a family! Kanan hugging Ezra and Sabine in S3 killed my feels… Especially in Legacy of Mandalore. Kanan: “I’m so-” Sabine: “don’t say proud of me” Kanan: “never.” AND THEN THEY HUG AND AHFMFKCJSKSKDNCJSIADIV FEELS!!!! But something I really, *really* want to see is Ezra and Sabine hugging. I do ship them, (nowhere near as hard as Kanera tho) but platonic or not, I just want to see them hug so bad!! I’ve wanted it since S2!!! And we get to see Mon Mothma again!!!!! And Saw!!!! Too bad this is right before R1, or else we coulda had a cameo from Jyn. Though I’m not crossing out the option of having Cass show up at some point! I’m fangirling so bad right now! My little sister watched it with me, and she’s just like “omgoodness Hera’s flying an X-Wing!!!” (but I’ll let her comment herself, if she wants. Can we both use the same email?) anywho, this has been an evening fangirl rant with Katie. (It’s about 5:30 up here in AK) 😲😲😲😃😃😃

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    1. Agh, YES I FEEL THE SAME!
      And that guy Hera was fighting it out with is Ruhk; he’s Thrawn’s assassin in New Canon, I believe, but I think in old EU he was also his personal bodyguard….you better double-check that with Elias, though, since that’s more his domain. 😉 😀
      And I’m actually not 100% positive who that was talking… I’ve just assumed it was Bo-Katan as well, since it sounds similar to her voice from The Clone Wars, and the same actress (Katee Sackhoff) reprises her for Rebels. Bo didn’t have very many lines in TCW, though, so it’s a bit hard for me to remember exactly what she sounded like…
      I have to agree with that one too, I want hugs from the Ghost family before it’s over!! More Kanera hugs are a given, and a Sabezra hug would be totally awesome, but I also really want to see Hera hug Ezra at some point. Because cummon, he’s basically like a little brother plus son mixed into one for her!! I’ve always wanted to see more of their relationship in the show, so I *need* to see that before it’s over.


  3. Hi i m katie’s sister!!!! I m super excited for the next seson!!! I rily love Sabine s hair color!!! And Hera s flying an x wing!!! I luv x wings!!! Katie liks u wings best. I hav a lego u wing that Katie helpd me make. How come that mando was lik, on fire or disintigratid? And who is the mando with the brit red hair? And how com Hera did nt hav her earmuffs on? Will the convors be back? I like the convors. They re cute. Will the cat girl come back? I want her to come back! Will Canaan evr be abel to see agan? He seemed sad about it. Hoo was the creepy guy on the hologram with the blu guy? Sory for all the kwestins I hav a lot of them. Thank you for making this website jedigirl! (Katie told me your jedigirl shay)

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    1. Thanks so much for commenting, Katie’s sister!! 😉 I completely love all your questions!! It’s so awesome to see you so excited about the next season, I feel the exact same way! 😀
      And don’t be sorry about the question!! You’re thinking through the story, and that’s amazing!!
      That’s really cool about your LEGO set, I love U-Wings too. 🙂
      I don’t think we know for sure who that other Mando was yet…
      That’s Bo-Katan! I’m excited to learn more about her soon, she was only in The Clone Wars a little bit, but her sister was in it quite a bit, and I liked her. 🙂
      It looks like Hera’s going in disguise to help the Rebellion, so she probably took her earmuffs off for that.
      I don’t know, but Mr. Dave (your sis can tell you all about who he is) has teased that they might be. I really hope they do come back, I thought they were cute too. 🙂
      You mean Ahsoka? I REALLY want her to come back too!!! I think she will eventually, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…
      I don’t think Kanan ever will be able to see again… I think it’s sad to him because he wants to be able to see Hera and the rest of the crew, because they are like family to him.
      And I’m petty sure you mean Ruhk there! He’s pretty creepy, but I’m interested to see what all he’ll be doing in the new season.

      And you’re welcome!! I’m so glad you got to come on and enjoy it!! It made me really happy when I saw your message here, I loved it!! 🙂 🙂


  4. I keep watching this over and over, looking for stuff I didn’t notice before. So I noticed that Zeb has a new outfit and Chopper got a new paint job! And Sabine’s armor is a bit different too, it has more yellow, like Ursa and Tristan’s. Hey, by the way, have you ever seen any of the SWR fan art by the tumblr artist Meldy-Arts? She’s really good, and she also has this really cool future AU that I wish I could ask for permission to use in fanfics… But alas, I am not on tumblr and won’t be until I’m way older, so I will have to make my own OCs. 😉

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    1. Great observations, thanks for sharing!!
      I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of her stuff, but I may have come across it on Pinterest and just don’t remember it. I’ll definitely go look her up, though! 😀


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