The Elven Padawan: From Erebor to Echo Base – #8 – Tolkien Week 2017





In this episode recorded during Tolkien Week 2017, Shay and guest Max talk about – try to guess – that’s right, Tolkien! Finally getting to the “Erebor” part of “From Erebor to Echo Base”, Shay gives the history on Tolkien Week and Hobbit Day, then jumps into a discussion of Middle-earth, including The Silmarillion, books vs. movies, connections between Tolkien’s world and Christian theology, and more! (She even manages to sneak a Star Wars Rebels connection in there.)
Also, Shay has some updates for listeners on what’s going on with The Elven Padawan, as well as a brand-new intro for the podcast!
Quick note: please excuse the audio quality in Shay’s portions of this episode. Once again, ‘that glitch’ returned to plague her, but this should be the very last occurrence of that evil nasty.

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A Creative Type: the blog of Kitten, artist who created my awesome new logo art!!

Star Wars: The Color of Hope: Shay’s very first article with Future of the Force!

Female Viking warrior gravesite – National Geographic (there’s a link in this article to the Norse saga that has a character who reminds me of Eowyn)


Star Wars Rebels on IMDb



Eat Your Way Through Lord of the Rings


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3 thoughts on “The Elven Padawan: From Erebor to Echo Base – #8 – Tolkien Week 2017

  1. I enjoyed learning more about Middle Earth in this podcast! I’m still so behind on all that, it’s a little overwhelming and hard to know where to start since pretty much EVERYTHING has a detailed history. I think it’s sad that Tolkien didn’t get to finish his story all the way. C.S Lewis didn’t either, with Susan’s story. I hope they are finishing them and we’ll get to read them in Heaven.(Ok that might sound a little silly, but I think there will be books in Heaven.) I can’t wait until the next episode!:D

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, getting into the Tolkien fandom can feel really intimidating sometimes, especially at the beginning, because there’s just SO MUCH stuff there! But it’s a lot of fun once you really get started, because you know all that history and about the languages and cultures and geography and all these little details most people have no clue about. I’m still not nearly as well-educated in a lot of it as some people, but I’m still working on it! 😀
      And I don’t think that sounds silly at all, I hope the same thing!! 🙂
      I’m really glad you enjoyed it! I’m thinking about maybe going over everything we’ve learned so far from Forces of Destiny for my next episode… we’ll just have to see… 😉


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