The Elven Padawan: From Erebor to Echo Base – #13 – Featuring special guest, Aceofstars16!

Finally, another episode of The Elven Padawan podcast!
In this episode, Shay interviews Star Wars fanfiction writer, Aceofstars16! Ace is also a HUGE Star Wars Rebels fan, so you probably already know where this is heading.
Besides the interview (and obsessing over Rebels), the girls also discuss their Star Wars OTPs, social media, The Last Jedi, Mortis connections with the rest of the saga, and what the canon lifespan of a Twi’lek is.

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Aceofstars16 on Tumblr

Ace’s fanfiction (on Archive of Our Own)

  • That one fanfic we discussed about Hera looking back years later: “Hold on and Survive” *Warning!* this fic is extremely good, very short, and crazy full of feels!!

Star Wars Rebels season 4 second-half trailer:

It certainly looks like the Phantom is in there to me, but it’s (rather conveniently, may I point out?) hidden behind that tree…


Solo: A Star Wars Story official teaser trailer:

Original announcement about new Star Wars films from Game of Thrones creators:

Shay’s family watches Stranger Things through the service VidAngel.

Music/Sound effects:

Sound effects were from the Free Sound Project. 

Complete list of effects used for this episode:

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