Why Fandoms are Important to Me

“Fairytales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us dragons can be beaten.” 

– G. K. Chesterton

To some people, books and movies are just books and movies. A way to entertain themselves, maybe use their imaginations for a short time and then go back to normal life. That’s not how it works for me.

If I’ve just finished a good book or movie, I’ll be imagining further adventures in my head, or listening to the music from it, or mentioning it to everyone I come into contact with. I enjoy having deep discussions about them, and even friendly debates sometimes. My favorite ones I know I will never forget. Usually, when people see a new trailer for something or their favorite show is less than a week from returning, they think “Oh cool! Yay!” They don’t jump up and down, make strange noises, or spend hours thinking about it like I do. Some people may see this as strange, but I love being this way! I was trying to picture what life would be like without all the stories and characters I love so much, and how I would tell someone who isn’t a fangirl or fanboy why I believe they are important. Here are a couple of reasons I wouldn’t want to live without my fandoms:


My first reason isn’t all that different from how other people may feel about fictional adventures. I love getting out of the world for a while and forgetting any worries I have at the moment. I can see life from so many people’s views, and experience so many different things I’d never be able to. Life can often get a little boring, and reading or watching a movie is one way I can make it less so. But after I’m finished, I don’t normally stop thinking about the story. I’ll go through my usual routine while thinking through the smaller details or imagining parts of it in my head. Other times, I pretend whatever I’m doing at the moment is something in the book or movie. Take scrubbing the floor for example. Before Rogue One came out, I would pretend that it was my turn to clean the base at Yavin IV. Ok, that sounds really strange to admit, but it did make it a little more fun. Whatever book or movie I’m thinking about lately is usually what I’m pretending. I can’t imagine not thinking about at least some of my fandoms every day – life would just seem different somehow, less exciting. Not only can I disappear into a good book or movie to escape normal everyday life, I can also use it as a way to calm down if I’m frustrated or upset.


Another reason I love fictional adventures is that they mirror my own life in certain ways. The characters face challenges of all kinds, they learn, they make mistakes, and they keep going.  Where the story starts is so different from where it ends. This is encouraging to me when I feel like I’m facing something I’ll never get through, because I know it’s just one part of my story. Stories show a little of the bigger picture, of how everyone’s lives and choices impact each other. They show ways small acts and conversations change people’s entire lives, even when you can’t begin to imagine how. They also mirror real life by showing that evil never ultimately wins. Sure, it has some victories, or at least seems to, but in the very end, it isn’t triumphant. That’s how it will be, evil will be defeated forever, and that Truth is embedded in every story created.


Being a fangirl is SO SO much fun for me! I love every part of it, even the sad parts like when my favorite character dies, or a book series comes to an end. I love getting overly excited whenever there’s a new piece of information, even if it’s just as small as an episode title. I love reading fanfics, seeing fanart or cosplays, contemplating all the little details, and acting out scenes. But most of all, I love to fangirl with others! We talk about our opinions, theories, ships, favorite moments, favorite characters, and a whole bunch of other things. I wouldn’t be as much of a fangirl if it wasn’t for the others I share the excitement with. I love seeing what other people in my fandom are up to and their reactions to things. It’s like this big, crazy, awesome family! I am not an extremely talkative person in real life, but I’ll talk for hours about Star Wars with people, even if I don’t know them. Being a fangirl is my hobby, my “thing”. Some people love music, some people love sports, I love my fandoms. I think if I hadn’t found that out, a big part of my personality would be missing, as well as what I like to do most.


As you may know, I love finding the lessons in stories. Not just the main themes of them either, but also all the smaller ones along the way. I feel that, while it’s certainly not wrong to read or watch something just for fun, it becomes more important when it changes me or teaches me something I can use later. We all seek meaning in entertainment, that’s part of the way God created us and it’s irremovable. I also find that lessons stick with me better in story form, where I’ve seen how the characters lived them out, and what happened as a result of that, rather than just hearing “If you do this, then such and such will happen.” The challenge of figuring out exactly what lessons each character learned, and how they learned them is fun for me. I like that it’s not always spelled out, and everyone can have their own interpretation.


Sometimes I don’t always remember everything that happened in a book or movie, or maybe I don’t find everything I could possibly learn from them, but what always sticks with me are the characters. They’re so real to me, everything they go through, the emotions they feel, it never once crosses my mind while reading or watching that they’re fictional. I learn from them, too – their courage, loyalty, and perseverance. Characters that I see the entire journey of, their feelings, thoughts, and struggles, can be a little easier to relate to than the heroes I hear about in a history book. Not because those heroes aren’t great examples for me to learn from, but because I only see a small part of their lives and not their entire struggle to get to that point. Because things are often shown from more than one person’s point of view, even the characters I wouldn’t get along well with if I met them don’t seem as hard to understand. Sometimes when I meet difficult people, I’ll imagine they’re a character in a story and be able to empathize a little better with them.


Lastly, I love stories because they encourage and inspire me. When I forget why I’m here, they remind me of the most important things, and that I have a part in the Greatest Story of them all. They help me remember that someday I’ll start “Chapter One Of the Great Story which no one on earth has read: which goes on forever: in which every chapter is better than the one before.”

This article was written by Audrey L., Staff Blogger for The Elven Padawan, and first appeared on ElvenPadawan.com

Why do you think fictional stories are important? Would your life be any different without them? What have your own fandoms added to your life?



15 thoughts on “Why Fandoms are Important to Me

  1. Wow, this is amazing. Aside from daydreaming about scrubbing the floor of the base at Yavin IV, we are on a very similar wavelength! 😀 (Cleaning up would have been more fun if I HAD imagined Yavin IV, though.) My only problem seems to be finding other fans to talk to. Even when I leave comments on a subject, I don’t get much more than a like in return. Actually, I’m lucky if I get even that much. I can’t help but wonder if it’s me or the other people. On bad days, I’m sure it’s me.

    That’s why I like “talking” to you and Shay. It’s great to be able to hold conversations with you about all these fandoms. Speaking of, you saw the clip where the crew takes off to rescue Hera? Those gliders look like the Tibidees Ezra called for in Shroud of Darkness. The scene also made me think the film Nausicaa: Of the Valley of the Wind. Hera is right; the Empire is in trouble!!! XD

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  2. Aw I’m sure it’s not you Mithril! I did see that one, I cannot Wait!! I’m super worried though because I don’t like how we know nothing about the next episode, and how Kanan’s not mentioned after this. 😬 The sunset reminded me of Mystery Of Chopper Base, and we all know how that went.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Audrey. 🙂 I didn’t notice the sunset, but I am trying desperately to get used to the idea of Kanan dying in”Jedi Night,” because that’s what looks to be coming down the pipes for us. Someone I know is worried it might be Zeb who gets the axe because of the way we see him dueling with Ruhk, but I get the feeling the big Lasat will probably be okay. Did you see Sabine using Ezra’s lightsaber in the trailer? That was a cool shot. I keep forgetting she can handle lightsabers now. :0

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  3. I did see that, and for a second it worried me, but I figured since he’s let her use it before it’s probably not something to be too concerned about yet.

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  4. Why fictional stories are so important to me? I have been reading books all my life like so many others. I see the conflict, the doubt, the resolution to every story. What I love the most about stories is the inspiration they give to do more. That the smallest thing a person does may become the one thing that makes the story come out right. Most teens are always wanting to do more in their life than they are doing and stories give that. Even though not everyone will be a Frodo, or a Janner, we can look to them and see what they did and what they did wrong and how it affected their life. Would my life be any different without stories? Absolutely! If I didn’t have Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Wing feathers Saga, and so many others I don’t know what in the world I would do. If I took every minute and every hour of time I spent reading books out I would probably be like the Bergen’s from Troll’s.

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  5. :(:( Mr.Dave didn’t say in RR, but I heard somewhere else that DUME is kind of like Kanan’s will, he’s helping finish other things that need to be done.

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    1. Hmm, that’s an interesting concept. Glad I missed “Night,” I would probably not have handled the scene where we lose Kanan well. I’ll probably keep avoiding it so I can pretend he’s not “one with the Force” now. I am rather interested in “DUME” and what comes next, though. But if Ezra gets killed, that’ll be super disappointing.

      I don’t know, I think they could have accomplished their goals without actually killing Kanan. I mean, if they had the explosion injure him badly and put him in a coma or something, “DUME” would still have run in almost the same way it’s supposed to have gone. I don’t know; it’s there story and they can do what they like, but I think modern writers rely on death too much to make their story “serious” these days.

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      1. I know this convo does not include me, but I really do just have to pop in to say, if you have any way to watch “Jedi Night” and “DUME”, you *really* ought to. Even with as painful as losing Kanan is, it was seriously one of the best episodes of the entire series in the writing, acting, music, and animation. Not to mention that the interactions between the characters were pure amazing. It’s all just so good. 😉

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      2. Mr.Dave also said that the decision to kill Kanan was thought out and that it’s going to play into other things. He made sure to say that it wasn’t because of Yoda’s line in RotJ, and that we would have to trust him as to where he takes the story. I’m really hoping he’s not all dead, that he’ll still be able to communicate in some way, (different then DUME, because he kinda freaks me out).

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        1. It’s actually really nice to know that Kanan wasn’t killed because of Yoda’s line in RotJ. Everyone was harping on that for so long, and it was SO IRRITATING because, come on, look at all the Jedi/Force-users we had running around in the old Expanded universe, people! Yoda’s statement DOES NOT automatically mean Kanan and Ezra have to die!!! Grr…

          DUME is very freaky, and I hope we get to see Kanan in some form later on, ala Ben Kenobi. I’ll watch “Jedi Night” and “DUME” at some point, but for now, I think a little space is a good thing.

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          1. Yessss, I agree so much with that!! I just kinda have up at a point with trying to argue against that one, because so many people were determined to use that one line to try to proven that Kanan and Ezra would HAVE to die, or even to say Rebels wasn’t worth watching in the first place. Anyway. There’s my mini rant for the day. 😀
            I must say, I’m quite excited for tonight’s new episodes!! And I’m all over the place with the finale coming next week… Part of me is super excited and can’t get to it soon enough, but the other part is apprehensive and even a bit scared for what’s coming, and wishes it would all slow down so that it doesn’t have to end so soon. I actually kinda envy those of you who haven’t seen last week’s episodes yet, because then you can go back and watch the last 6 episodes ( “Jedi Night” through the finale) all at once, like an actual movie. I’m totally planning to go back and do that once they’re all out, because they seem to be made for that type of viewing, like the Ahsoka Leaves and Fives’ Discovery arcs of The Clone Wars.

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