Calling the Padawan Artists!!

Kristin Baver has sent out a call for artists and fan who have art or photos that they would like to see possibly make it into an issue of Star Wars Insider, and a special invitation to the Padawans of the fandom who have something they’d like to share!!

For those of you who may not know as much about the various aspects of the tar Wars fandom, Star Wars Insider is “The official magazine for all things Star Wars!” (And if you didn’t know that already, then don’t feel bad; I had to do a bit of research on it myself and copied that tagline directly from their official Twitter account. If you need more info on Insider and all the past issues of it, check out the page for it on Wookieepedia.)

Since The Elven Padawan does try to keep a special eye on the happenings of on the younger generation of fans, I thought this was definitely something worth passing along. So for all you young artists who also happen to love Star Wars, this could be your chance to get your work out there!! As you can see in the tweets above, Ms. Baver is searching for art from fans and photos that fans have taken with the creators of stars of the Star Wars franchise, as well as artwork created by kid fans of the saga. So if you have something to share, don’t be shy!! You can get in touch with her through her Twitter (@KristinBaver), or send in your work via email through this address:

So get out there, Padawans! Let your work be known and share your talents with the universe!! We’d all love to see it!

This article was written by Shay S., Creator, Chief Editor, and Podcast Host for The Elven Padawan, and first appeared on

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