A Farewell to Star Wars Rebels: part 1

In just a few days, the amazing show Star Wars Rebels will come to its conclusion.

We’ve had four seasons of the Ghost crew and their fight against the Empire, each member learning as they overcame challenges of all kinds together. I started watching this show only a year ago, and even though I know the Finale is going to be fantastic and well-thought out, I am extremely sad that it’s ending. It will be missed greatly. In honor of Rebels, the team of The Elven Padawan – Shay, Kitten, and I, Audrey – talk about our favorite characters, episodes, and why we love Rebels so much.

Here are the questions we each answered:

1. Who is your favorite character and why?

2. If you could meet three characters, who would you choose?

3. What are some of your favorite episodes?

4. What is your favorite Rebels creature? 

5. Why do you love Rebels?

6. What will you miss the most?


1. Who is your favorite character and why?

Audrey: This question has become increasingly difficult to answer lately; I love the whole Ghost crew! (Kallus is great too.) But I’m going to stick with the person who I’ve picked as my favorite since the first episode I saw: Sabine. I think what made her interesting to me, in the beginning, was the fact that she was an artist, not something I’d seen as a Star Wars character before. That and her combining her art with explosives, which is just plain cool. I love how she’s able to fight and spread hope with her art. Season three added to the reasons she’s my favorite, as her backstory came out, and she faced her guilt and fear. Now she’s a strong warrior, who also knows when fighting is not the answer.

Kitten: Favorite character? Heh heh, easy. Sabine Wren, of course! But this was not always so. . . at the beginning of the series, I favored Hera. Sabine was this epic Mandalorian who blew stuff up for the crew and painted her room. Awesome, but not really that great of a character. Hera, on the other hand, was open, she cared about others and she DID NOT TEASE EZRA. My goodness, they were all teasing him at first.
But Sabine. I’ve seen that a lot of people say this, and I totally agree: Sabine became a great character in season three. Seriously. This girl went through so much, but for the longest time, all we saw was that she didn’t like her past. Imperial Supercommandos brought in a whole new side of her. Sure, she’s still a little sassy, and she’s always gonna tease her brothers (oh, and Tristan too) but she gained a heart in season three. We got to see her face her past, overcome it, and nearly end up ruling Mandalore for it. I still think she should have kept that Darksaber.

Shay: This is a really hard question for me to answer right now!! I’ve loved Hera Syndulla pretty much from the beginning, and she’s the one character who has stuck with me as my favorite since I first started watching the show. But more recently, I’ve come to love Ezra so much, and I felt super protective of him when this last season was about to resume for the final few episodes before the finale. And I can’t get over how amazing Kanan is, either!! He’s definitely one of my favorite Jedi.
Basically, I think I should just choose the entire crew of the Ghost. After the show is over and everything dies down a bit I’ll probably come back to Hera as my fave and Ezra as a close second, but right now I just feel so much for all of them that I can’t be trusted to make a good choice.
And I’m sorry, but I do have to throw in Kallus, too. Alexandr Kallus, that is. I was rooting for him to join the Rebellion since I first started watching Rebels, and his story arc has been flat-out incredible over the course of this show!!


2. If you could meet three characters, who would you choose?

Audrey: Again, I would have to pick Sabine first; we could paint together, and she could teach me about art, and maybe weapons, everything she’s learned about being a responsible leader. I would also pick Kanan, because I could definitely learn a lot from him with all he’s been through. I think he’d be a really fun person to talk with too. Lastly, (and I just spent forever deciding between Ezra or Hera,) I would choose Hera, because she’s been through a little more than Ezra. She’s also great at listening and offering advice that both helps and challenges you.

Kitten: Any three characters. . . hmm. . . definitely Sabine and Ezra. They’re my favorites, and I’d love to get to actually meet them and talk to them. Because fangirl. They’d probably think I was crazy. . . I wouldn’t blame ’em either. For the third. . . I’m not really sure. If I could be guaranteed safety, then I suppose I’d like to talk to Thrawn. Discuss art (b’cause he’s a really big art nerd, kind of like me), ask him why he believes in the Empire, where he learned to answer questions without giving answers because Hera does the same thing (ask Sabine). . . he’s really cool, but I’m almost afraid it’d be a bit dangerous. He’s quite unpredictable at times.

Shay: Well, I do think I would pick Hera, for sure. Part of what’s so attractive to me about her is her personality and attitude. She’s a lot like the kind of person that I want to be as I grow up; strong and never backing down from her beliefs, but also knowing when the right time is to be soft and just care for people. She’s really perceptive of needs of her crew, her FAMILY, really, and that’s how she’s managed to pull so many people into the Rebellion. I can tend to have a very take charge, “Let’s get this done!” attitude, and I want to always make an effort to balance that out with being aware of other people and what they’re going through, and knowing when the time is right to just take a moment and be there for them, or share a personal experience to help them through their hard time. It would definitely also be a plus if I could somehow manage to meet her at the Yavin Rebel base, and see Mon Mothma, too, because I’m a huge fan of that woman as well. 😉
I would also certainly love to meet Ezra. He’s such a dork and a goofball, even though he’s been through so much in his life. And when you think about it, his life has not been very long. I’d like to talk to him about how he’s always so optimistic and manages to be so strong through so much darkness. When the show first started, he was a little younger than I am now, but I can’t imagine doing or going through all the things he or any of these other characters have.
Also, I think I would like to talk to Sabine. I have to admit, I wasn’t her biggest fan when the show first started, but looking back now over the entire span of the series, I see that she’s gone through an amazing arc, starting out as a broken teenager who had been abandoned by her family and didn’t want to get close to anyone, to a graceful young woman who has found the capacity to forgive all those who wronged her in the past. That’s amazing, and I’d love to talk to her about it. Plus, I would like to see if she would be able to give me any advice to help out my non-existent artistic skills. I love her art style, and I would totally get her to paint up my room!!


3. What are some of your favorite episodes?

Audrey: Even though recent episodes have blown me away, my favorite still stands as “Twilight Of the Apprentice.” I feel like it’s a little unfair to compare finales with regular episodes because they’re always the climax of the season’s plot and character development in some way. So, of course, they’re going to be a little more exciting and intense. I love “Trials of the Darksaber” because of how much it changed Sabine’s character, the music, the setting, the funny parts, getting to see someone actually train for a long period of time, basically I love everything about that episode. Some of my other favorites are: “Through Imperial Eyes”, “Zero Hour”, “Path of the Jedi”, “Heroes Of Mandalore” and “A World Between Worlds”.

I’m joking, just playing! Honestly, all the Sabine-centric ones are amazing (there’s some camera angles and musical cues that are never in other episodes that make them simply amazing), but I’d have to say, the most well-written and perfect episode (as of yet) would be “A World Between Worlds.” Seeing Ahsoka back, and the end of her fight with Vader (I was always curious about that) was awesome. Plus, that answers — in a way — the question about the convor. I’m so drawing him. . . also, can’t forget the characters! I think Ezra shone this time around (heh, he has to though – he *is* the main character!), the dark side aspect of him surfaced but was fought back, and he really handled himself well. Great performances by all the actors and actresses too, I might add! The one downside is Sabine’s little arc, while she’s always a smart-mouth, I think that took away from the sinister aspect of Hydan they seemed to be going for. But she did show him up like a Mando is supposed to. That’s my girl. Another great episode would be “Trials of the Darksaber.” Not only because it’s a Sabine episode (though that is great!), but because of the music. The music. . . I love it so much. The Star Wars site provided a shortened form of the audio cue, which I fell in love with. Shortly after, I discovered the whole piece. “Sabine Suite,” along with “It’s Over Now,” and “Journey Into the Star Cluster”, is one of the most gorgeous musical works I have ever heard. Plus, seeing Mando Girl totally rule Kanan was great. And the Official Ending to the Mando/Jedi War. Jedi won. I don’t care though. I’m a Mandalorian all the way. How ’bout you?

Shay: First off, I love the Jedi stuff. I watched the prequel saga films over and over when I was really young, so I understandably have an affinity for the more complex, mystical side of the Force. I love finding out about all the crazy secrets hidden within the Temple, the various bits of lore and teaching that the Jedi and others passed down concerning the Force. And I love finding applications for all those teachings in my own life, ways to transfer them over into my own personal faith. So I guess it’s no surprise that I love the season two episodes that deal with these aspects, and particularly “Twilight of the Apprentice”. That episode was, for a long time, the bar to which the rest of Rebels was held. Seeing Ahsoka, Kanan, and Ezra face off against three different Imperial Inquisitors was cool enough. The fact that this entire encounter happened deep beneath the surface of a long-dead, evil-steeped world dedicated to the Sith and the Dark Side made it even more awesome. AND on top of all that, this episode saw the return of (“formerly-Darth, now simply known as”) Maul in a twist I thought I would hate, but ended up loving so much. And if that wasn’t enough, we ALSO got DARTH VADER, his showdown with Ahsoka, MAJOR changes for our characters in mostly tragic ways, and just a ton of stuff that was pure Dave Filoni-style epic!! So that episode will always be one of my top favorites.
I also love “The Mystery of Chopper Base”, because, even though it doesn’t have the full-blown craziness of something like “Twilight of the Apprentice”, it did put me of the edge of my seat when I first saw it, and I think it did a fantastic job of showing how much each of our main characters had grown, and had some completely amazing interactions between the various members of the this Space Family. (Zeb and Ezra sharing that moment with the crazy music and Kanan and Hera taking a rare moment to be vulnerable and simply lean against each other will always be two of my favorite shots from this series.)
Finally, I must say, these last four episodes of season four (starting with “Jedi Night” and currently going to “A World Between Worlds”) have been AMAZING! I’m sure I’ll be including the finale episodes (“A Fool’s Hope” and “Family Reunion – and Farewell”) in this list as soon as they air this Monday. Even though some parts have been downright painful to watch after coming so far with this family, everything about them has been completely perfect in so many ways, both expected and completely unexpected, and I must say that these episodes strung together into a movie would probably rank in my “Top 5 Star Wars Films” list.


Please check out Part 2 of this farewell to Rebels, where we discuss our favorite creatures and what this show means to each of us.

Who are your favorite characters, and who would you like to meet if you got a chance? Do you have a favorite episode that still stands out in your mind or an arc that you go back to over and over?

10 thoughts on “A Farewell to Star Wars Rebels: part 1

  1. 1. Who is your favorite character and why?
    Easy – Kanan Jarrus. Why? Because he is a Jedi, a great leader, a smart alec, he’s funny, but also very vulnerable and willing to learn. He’s also willing to stand up and fight, to stop running, and to get emotionally attached to people. Plus, he’s a brilliant swordsman and teacher. Gotta like that! 😉

    2. If you could meet three characters, who would you choose?
    Kanan, of course – I would love to meet him! Ezra and Sabine would probably be next, though I wouldn’t refuse to meet Kallus. Then I’d get to say to his face, “What took you so long to join up, buddy?”

    3. What are some of your favorite episodes?
    Fire Across the Galaxy, the episode with Ezra’s vision trial, the show with the Purr-gill, Future of the Force, Shroud of Darkness, and The Honorable New. Those are the ones I can name off the top of my head, anyway.

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  2. The one with Ezra’s vison trial is “Path of the Jedi.” That’s one of my favorites too, because Kanan takes Ezra there to test him, but both of them end up learning so much in that one. And I had never seen a padawan receive their kyber crystal before, so I loved that too. “It’s a kyber crystal.” “Ohhhhh cool! What’s a kyber crystal?” 😆

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  3. It is pretty hard to keep all the episodes straight now, I always get “Shroud of Darkness” and “ Out of Darkness” confused. You’d think they could have come up with a different name for one of those. 😆

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  4. Who is my favorite character? I really want to say just Ahsoka, it’s probably because I grew up watching the Clone Wars episodes, but she is just as good if not better in the Rebel series. Though from Rebels I would have to say Chopper, right? jk, no I would choose Kanan, aka. Dume, he is just so good at teaching, and he has gone through so much. I couldn’t think of a better person.

    If I could meet three character I would choose Ahsoka , Kanan, and probably Sabine.

    What is my favorite episode? I don’t have a favorite, I think if you took one out it would take a part of their story away so I like all of them the same amount.

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