A Farewell to Star Wars Rebels: part 2

In part 1 of this Farewell to Star Wars Rebels, the team of The Elven Padawan discussed their favorite characters and episodes, and why these picks hold a special place in their hearts. Now they’re back to talk favorite creatures and what Rebels means to them individually.


4. What is your favorite Rebels creature? 

Audrey: Loth-Cats! They’re so cute! Unless you’re Ezra trying to make a Force connection with them. Usually, I’m more of a dog person, and Loth-Wolves are super neat, but the mystery that surrounds them and their size makes them a bit intimidating.

Kitten: THE FLUFFY PRECIOUS LOTH-CATS!!! They are the BEST! Proof? Watch the first few seconds of “Flight of the Defender” on repeat. I’ve done it for ten minutes in a row. . . life of a fangirl, eh? No, seriously, these little guys are precious. Though they look like a cross between a chicken, an Exotic (shorthaired Persian), and a rabbit, these critters are by far the cutest that Star Wars has ever been. Hang Porgs. We’ve got Loth-cats.
And of course, I can’t leave out the honorable mention. Sure, they’re abrupt, and they can be grumpy and tend to disappear and/or put your best friends to sleep, but Loth-wolves are simply amazing. The designs for all the creatures are wonderful (Convoree are epic!) but the Lothal critters take my cake. And my heart.

Shay: I can’t decide between the Loth-wolves and the Tibidees… I know, I know, the Tibidees only played a part in one episode in the first season, but for some reason, I really love the design of those critters!! And the fact that they all fell in love with the Phantom makes me giggle every time I think of it!
And I don’t usually think of myself as a huge “cat person”, but I would adopt one of those temperamental Loth-cats in a heartbeat!
In the end, though, I would probably say the Loth-wolves. I even have a project I’m working on right now that is completely Loth-wolf inspired, and I can’t wait to unveil it and see what all my fandom buddies think!!


5. Why do you love Rebels?

Audrey: There are so many things I love about this show! I love how the writers are able to explore stories they wouldn’t be able in movies. I love Kevin Kiner’s scores. I love looking forward to trailers at the start and middle of each season, and new episodes each week. I love how you get to see all the hard work of those who formed the Rebel Alliance seen in A New Hope. I love this time period in the galaxy’s history, because it’s full of people who stood against all odds, their courage and strength tested, who gave everything for what they knew was right. I love this show’s heart. What I mean by that is, even in the middle of a growing war, with awful things going on, it doesn’t feel dreary or cold, it shows that there’s always light. The way the crew is always there for each other, the way they’re a family, is what makes this show so special.

Kitten: Why do I love Rebels? Hmm, that’s a serious question there! Well, to say it simply. . . it’s awesome. That’s all, next question. No, really, Rebels has become a major reason why I love Star Wars. I first learned about this whole “fangirl” thing through Rebels. There was a name for my #1 skill all this time. Huh. Plus, my drawing skills have improved SO MUCH since I started drawing humanoids rather than four-legged creatures. Now, I can capture a resemblance of a character. Before, well, let’s just say my humans were better off being ponies. My musical love has also grown. I find myself purchasing sheet music that I would have thought far too hard before. I have learned faster and harder songs, as well as gained an appreciation for slower, more beautiful scoring too.

Shay: This actually ties into my answer to the first question, where I talked about recently coming to love Ezra. Even though I’ve always liked the kid, I guess I was kinda hard on him and just didn’t notice how much I liked him until recently. But to be honest, now that I think about it, he’s the character who I feel like I have really “grown up” with the most. I know I’ve said this several times lately, but Rebels was my big introduction to fandom. I loved Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings and all kinds of book series long before I watched Rebels, sure. And I did grow up with the prequels in one sense of that phrase. But this show really got me into the full-blown fangirl thing. Because of it I now ship, read fanfiction, love fanart (well, some fanart anyway), “flail”, and don’t feel bad about any of the above! Though, yeah, it is a little embarrassing when I’m really into a new trailer and am talking to myself about it because I don’t think anyone’s listening, and then I look up to find all my sisters staring at me as though it’s a horrible, contagious disease.
For some reason, this show has made my fandom seem more immediate to me, instead of this far-off, untouchable, almost sacred thing that we handled with extreme reverence. For me, Rebels broke down all those barriers, and made it something completely accessible and right within my grasp. I’ve grown up with this show in so many ways, I’ve seen some amazing things happen in the fandom, and I’ve met awesome people and strengthened amazing relationships because of this show. It’s my place to go when the world seems like it’s spinning out of control and I just don’t want to deal with it anymore.
And it’s got some of the most amazing, deep life-lessons in it of pretty much any area of the Star Wars saga. If you’ve read The Elven Padawan for long, you know we’re all kinda obsessed with finding deeper meanings and real-life applications in every story we experience. And I’ve found so many places to do that in Rebels!! Almost every episode comes and goes and I’m left lying in bed for hours that night, thinking about everything that went down and not only how epic it all was, but also much it applies to my own life and faith.


6. What will you miss the most?

Audrey: I will no doubt miss the Ghost crew the most. Sure there’s been awesome teams before, even people related fighting together – Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka, Luke, Leia and Han, the Rogue One crew – but not in the same way as this group. This team is a family. They encourage, help, challenge, annoy, protect, and love each other. They pull pranks. They have disagreements. They share each other’s wins or losses. They make sacrifices for each other. They’re a family, complete with a grumpy pet. These characters have become some of my favorites of any book or movie, and after all this time I’ve spent with them, it’s so difficult to let them go.

Kitten: My Blueberry and his friends. . . Space Family forever. . . right? We’ve got to keep them going! I mean, they’ve confirmed Hera and Chopper to live, and Sabine’s been almost as much, but we need the *whole* family! I know that I will keep drawing and crafting these guys. I challenge all of you to do the same. Long live the Rebels!

Shay: I think the thing I will miss the most is not being able to spend countless hours discussing each new story and character development with the others in my fandom. Not being able to chat back and forth with some of the amazing people I’ve met about how proud we are of Ezra, or how far Kanan has come, or Sabine’s latest explosion, or Hera’s most recent dogfight maneuver. Not being able to work my way through a whole list of Rebels-related podcasts every weekend while I clean the bathrooms and vacuum the rugs, or freak out over the interviews in the Rebels Recon episode or those little clips they show at the end that always manage to be so maddeningly vague. The friendships I’ve built and experiences I’ve had because of this show will always remain, and I’ll eventually have to let go and move on, just like the remaining members of the Ghost crew in the last episodes. And just like many of those who lived every moment of The Clone Wars alongside Ahsoka, Obi-Wan, Rex, and Anakin, there will be another animated series from Dave Filoni that will come (hopefully before too long!), and I will grow to love it as well. But Rebels will always hold a special place in my heart, and it’s going to be hard to see it go so soon.


Star Wars Rebels has been the beginning of many people’s love of Star Wars. Everyone involved with it has done an outstanding job, and their hard work and dedication are evident. It’s told the story of what it took for the Alliance to Restore the Republic to become more than just a dream. The galaxy will never be the same because of it.

3 thoughts on “A Farewell to Star Wars Rebels: part 2

  1. 4. What is your favorite Rebels creature? 
    Loth-wolves and Purr-gill. They are just too cool

    5. Why do you love Rebels?
    It deals with Jedi in the Rebellion era – very interesting Jedi. I love Star Wars stories which go there.

    6. What will you miss the most?
    The crew. The potential for seeing them fight on into the original film trilogy and for the two Jedi to become part of Luke’s new order. The potential for more “Legacy” characters to re-enter SW canon through the series. That’s what I’ll miss most.

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