The Elven Padawan: From Erebor to Echo Base – #14 – The State of the Fandom Address

In which Shay begins the podcast by delivering a rant about how she sees the current state of things in fandoms, and how it bothers her, and finishes by offering some thoughts about the latest episodes of Star Wars Rebels.

For the first almost-hour of the podcast, I talk about what I see happening to our fandoms and places of escape, and how it bothers are worries me. Although I’m a little nervous about letting everyone hear my thoughts on this, this is something that has really been eating at me a lot lately, and I felt it was time to share. I hope this doesn’t upset anyone, and hopefully, it will help someone out there.

The latter part of the podcast is me giving a brief review on those big reveals in the last several episodes of Star Wars Rebels, and my personal theory about how the appearance of Force ghosts is determined.

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Star Wars Rebels episode galleries from

(For each of these, click the link and then check out the “Episode Gallery” for a nice summary of each episode.)

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