Happy Star Wars Day to All!!

Here at The Elven Padawan, our readers know we have two focuses: Star Wars and Middle-earth.

Well, today is the 4th of May, which any self-respecting Star Wars lover knows is a very special day…

Star Wars Day!!!

While this “holiday” has not yet been declared “official” by Lucasfilm, Disney, or the US National Government, fans have been more or less using the date to celebrate their love of the franchise for many years. Even Disney has celebrated in recent years, with special activities and programs being held at the different Disney Parks locations.

But I didn’t make this blog post to bash my readers over the head with a history lesson. I came here first to say “thank you” for reading all the things we write about the publish on here every week, for listening to my annoying voice on the podcast, and for everything else you do to encourage myself and Audrey and generally make this fandom a better place! It’s always so much fun to go out into the world and run into other fans, whether they be as alike to us as Clone Troopers, or as different as Mustafar and Hoth.

And the thing I really came on here to do was to make use of the pun, and wish all my followers and you occasional readers and listeners…

May the 4th Be With You!!!

Have a fantastic day celebrating this epic series we are so blessed to have!!

“May the Wind Under Your Wings Bear You Where the Sun Sails and the Moon Walks, And the FOURTH Be With You, Always!”


This article was written by Shay S., Creator, Chief Editor, and Podcast Host for The Elven Padawan, and first appeared on ElvenPadawan.com

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