The Elven Padawan: From Erebor to Echo Base – #18 – An Especially MARVELous Episode

There’s been a lot of craziness in the Star War fandom lately, so we’ve decided it’s time to take a quick detour into another fandom that needs some serious love right now: the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Shay and return guest Aceofstars16 are here and more than ready to obsess about Marvel. Peter Parker, Tony Stark, and Dr. Strange haters beware: Infinity War broke our hearts and we will not hold back any love from these amazing heroes.
We also discuss details of AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING, and DOCTOR STRANGE at length, so if there’s anyone who’s still planning to play catch-up on the movies thus far, beware of major spoilers!
We also go over our favorite MCU ships (including several very obscure ones,) give some due credit to several ridiculously underrated Marvel ladies, and discuss how fictional stories, even the most heartbreaking ones, help us cope with the real world.

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Also, I feel like I should give a quick disclaimer: due to some of the not-quite family-friendly content that exists in some Marvel movies, my family tends to use the filter service ClearPlay in order to watch them. More information about ClearPlay can be found here on their official site.


This article was written by Shay S., Creator, Chief Editor, and Podcast Host for The Elven Padawan, and first appeared on

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