A Simple Story – The Legend of Kanan Jarrus #RebelsRemembered

Hullo again, friends!

It’s been a while since The Elven Padawan has brought you anything new in the form of reading or listening material, but today we’re reemerging from the darkness to celebrate #RebelsRemembered: the anniversary of the finale of Star Wars Rebels, one of the best shows to ever grace our television screens and one of special significance to us here at TEP.

Not long ago, my good friend Lusa (who is also a huge supporter of TEP), told me she had something very special she’d written up in honor of Rebels, and particularly the character Kanan Jarrus. She sent it to me, wondering if I’d like to publish it here on the TEP blog, and once I read it I couldn’t wait to share it with you all!

So here it is: a special piece for #RebelsRemembered in honor of Kanan Jarrus, one of the greatest Jedi to live throughout the entirety of the Star Wars franchise. – Shay

A Simple Story

by Lusa

(A/N: I can’t take full credit for this. Shay actually started it on a chat group we’re in together, and I loved it and wrote more. Just wanna make sure she gets some credit!)

It was a small Jedi youngling named Caleb who first gave Obi-Wan the idea of recalibrating the signal to tell the Jedi to go into hiding.

A small Jedi Padawan who soon found himself receiving that message.

A small Jedi Padawan who found himself running through a forest, scared to death, completely alone and confused with his entire life and everything he had ever known crashing down around him.

A small Jedi Padawan who grew into a man.

A man who went for years with no purpose and no hope.

A man, once a small Jedi youngling, still alone but no longer frightened… or at least, not allowing himself to acknowledge fear.

A man, who after years of running through that forest, the forest of pain and bitterness, found himself with a home.

A man who became a leader.

A man people knew as Kanan.

A man who found himself in love. Real, true love. Not the kind that says it is love but walks away. Not even the kind that his Jedi master had given him as that small Jedi Padawan.

A man who sacrificed himself for that love. That love, and the love of his adopted family.

A family that was more real than any biological family could ever be.

A man — Caleb Dume, Kanan Jarrus — who found the moment in which he was most needed.

It had started in a lecture from Obi-Wan.

It grew into a simple story about a fallen knight.

No one ever thought it would end the way it did.

He found his purpose beyond what anyone ever imagined.

A simple story.

A small Jedi youngling named Caleb.

A fallen and risen knight named Kanan.

He became the spark that would light the fire that would burn the Empire down.

14 thoughts on “A Simple Story – The Legend of Kanan Jarrus #RebelsRemembered

  1. Oh myyyyyy I love this so much! It’s the littlest things that completely mess with my emotions. He will be missed along with this show. Very well written.

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  2. #RebelsRemembered

    Random thing here but I was scrolling through the sidebar with all Shay’s Twitter stuff and I had to zoom my screen in really big because Mr. Dave’s art. omw. yes. Now I have to go think up all the post-Epilogue headcanons… and also the art from Jane Rose Noble…. UGHHGHH I LOVE BEAN TOO MUCH.

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    1. Mr. Dave’s art had a very LOTR-ish feel to it, don’t you think?? I appreciate his full disclosure about this not being a hint or tease for future stories, just a *possible* scene from a future Ashoka and Sabine might face in their journeys. It leaves one free to imagine the possibilities without getting one’s hopes up and then slowly being let down when no more news breaks.
      Jane Rose Noble’s art is some of my FAVORITE Rebels fan art ever!! And she’s super sweet online, too; I’m super glad I came across her stuff, she seems like such a genuinely nice person who makes fantastic content. 😊

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      1. Okay, so… I’ve read the Heir to the Empire trilogy, but that’s about it. But about a year and a half ago I found an excerpt from something that mentioned her and pretty much SCREAMED, Lusa has been my screen name for basically ever, it’s from the Seekers series by Erin Hunter. Apparently it means “black” in some language… it’s the name of my fav. character in that series — a black bear. So, yea I knew that, but I’m not named after her. 🙂

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        1. Cool! 😀 I didn’t know the name Lusa means “black”. That’s great to know – though it makes me wonder a bit about her name choice. SW’s Lusa is a centauriform alien with red hair covering most of her body! If you’re interested in “meeting” her, you can find her as a teenager in the “Young Jedi Kinghts: The Fall of the Diversity Alliance” collection by Kevin J. Anderson and as a little girl in “The Crystal Star” by Vonda N. McIntyre. (“Star” may have some mild adult content, but all the same, it’s not too bad.)

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