Thrawn: Alliances: cover revealed!!

Just revealed on The Star Wars Show: The final cover for Thrawn: Alliances!!


Here’s another look at that cover, featuring two of the biggest fan-favorite and most-feared villains in all of Star Wars history:


We also have a brief idea of what the subject matter of this book will be, based on a tweet from the official Star Wars books account:

What do you think of this new Thrawn-centric book? Are you planning to give it a read? How do you think he and Vader will work together? Let me know in the comments below!

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Lightporter by C. B. Cook: COVER REVEAL!

Hello all my friends!! I know it has been forever since I’ve posted anything on here, and some of you may have thought I was dead.

Well, I’m not dead. I’ve just been playing Ahsoka Tano and disappearing for a long period of time, making sure pretty much everyone in the universe thinks I’m dead, then popping up randomly to start a brand-new wave of crazed fans and popularity. It worked so well for her, so I decided I’d try it out, too. (Especially since we all know #AhsokaLives!)

So now that the lost Padawan (me) has once again made her return, I have a surprise for all of you.

Let me tell you, it’s pretty awesome!!

So first, a quick explanation: not too long ago I discovered the awesome writer C. B. Cook, and her awesome book, Twinepathy.

*the following is a short review of Twinepathy, along with quite a bit of excessive fangirling. You have been warned.

I plowed right through that book in a very short amount of time, and absolutely loved it!! It was so great, especially for a fan of sci-fi-type stories like me. And even better, Ms. Cook is a giant fangirl herself, particularly in the Tolkien and Marvel areas. In fact, the story itself is somewhat inspired/based on your classic Marvel superheroes, though it does so in a wonderful way without feeling like a rip-off, but instead totally fresh, original, and shiny as one of Tony Stark’s gadgets. (It does have one major bonus over Marvel and pretty much anything related to Stark, however, and that’s that this book is totally clean. Which is definitely a high bonus in my rating system.)

I fell in love with all the characters, including the twin sisters with a telepathic connection, Albany and Brooklyn York (yes, their names are NY themed!), little Maddie (who I totally wish was my little sister), mysterious Jen (who actually reminds me a lot of Hera Syndulla), nerdy Ezra (the first female character I’ve ever encountered with that name!) and of course, ever-charming Blaze (who is basically Loki with his constant, annoyingly-bright smile and illusions, but without any of the meanness.) I really connected best with Albany, as she’s a fangirl, would generally rather have her nose in a book than go shopping (unless it’s for more books), and could generally care less about what’s “popular” with most other girls. She’s a good deal like me in quite a few ways.

The book was fairly simple, launching right into the story within the first several pages, and to be honest wasn’t really as deep as I’m generally into. But ya know what? That’s OK! Because it was fast, incredibly well-written, and just plain fun. All the characters totally came alive in my brain, the entire thing was a vivid movie in my mind, and the first-person-present-tense narration that I generally loath didn’t bother me at all. A writer has to have a serious gift to get that right, and let me tell you, Ms. Cook has a serious gift.

Since I first read through Twinepathy, I’ve been dying for more info on the second book in the series, titled Lightporter. Well, and obsessing over the first book and my theories for the second to pretty much anyone who will give me half a chance. So when I had the opportunity to participate in Ms. Cook’s cover reveal for Lightporter, I just had to jump in!!

Unfortunately, there was a teensy little problem in my way. The fact that I had been banned from my own blog and podcast until I could finish up the last little bit of schoolwork left from this year was like a wampa in my path. There was only one thing I could do, and so I did it. I sat down on Wednesday, and blazed (er, no pun intended) right through an entire chapter of my science book, then got up early this morning to take the last test.

All so I could get this surprise out to all of you, and because I’m so excited about Lightporter. XD

Anyone reading this right now is probably already fighting the urge to just skim right down this page past all of my rambling. So I’ll go ahead and get to that point.

Here it is, in all its glory!! The brand new, recently finished, incredibly awesome cover for Lightporter!!!

Lightporter1FINAL1 (003).jpg

EEEEP!!! It’s beautiful!!! I totally love the simplicity of both the covers for this and Twinepathy! It’s just so eye-catching, the masks add an air of intrigue, and for a fan they mean so much more. Frankly, if you haven’t yet read the first book, then this cover might not seem all that spectacular to you. But for someone who knows, they’re gonna totally freak. I totally freaked when I first saw it. Both the title and that cover have some awesome hints in them, and I seriously can. not. WAIT!!!

Here’s one more thing to make this even epic-er: book 1, Twinepathy, is currently on sale on Amazon!! For $0.99!!!!

That means if you have a Kindle, or iPhone, or iPod, or iPad, or even *just a computer*, you can get that whole book for less that one dollar!!

Thing is, though, this is one of those “limited-time-offer-things”….in other words, it’s only gonna be this price for TODAY! Tomorrow, the chance is gone!

So what are you waiting for??!

Seriously, please go check out Twinepathy. It’s awesome, and if you’re looking at this site right now with all its geekyness and that makes you smile, you’re gonna love this series.

And now on the behalf of the author, as well as all those poor lost souls who may never discover this incredible series otherwise, I implore you to TELL EVERYONE ELSE YOU KNOW!!!! If you read Twinepathy and enjoy it, or have already read it and loved it then, then please leave a review on Amazon or add and write about it on Goodreads. Share about it on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or wherever else you make your internet abode.

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This article was written by Shay S., Creator, Chief Editor, and Podcast Host for The Elven Padawan, and first appeared on