“Heroes of Mandalore” parts 1 & 2: episode review

Welcome to The Elven Padawan's review of the season 4 opener of Star Wars Rebels, "Heroes of Mandalore". This episode marks the beginning of the end for Rebels, as season 4 will be the final season. This was an amazing episode, featuring Mandalorian Rebel Sabine Wren's return to her homeworld to rescue her father from Imperial captivity. … Continue reading “Heroes of Mandalore” parts 1 & 2: episode review


The Elven Padawan #3: “Zero Hour” review, part 2

https://soundcloud.com/elvenpadawan/zero-hour-recap-part-2 Shay and her guest Evie finish up their review of the Star Wars: Rebels season 3 finale, "Zero Hour". First though, there's some Star Wars news to cover, and Shay reads some comments from listeners. Then we get into the rest of that review. We continue our obsessions over Grand Admiral Thrawn and Captain … Continue reading The Elven Padawan #3: “Zero Hour” review, part 2

Cosplays Aplenty

Lately I've decided that I will be doing blog posts for The Elven Padawan primarily on Saturdays. In the past I've done them rather sporadically and with no real pattern, pretty much just whenever the mood struck. But that's not fair to all you guys, since you never know when a new post might pop … Continue reading Cosplays Aplenty